Benefits of Energy Healing

Energy Healing reduces stress and promotes relaxation, which triggers the bodies natural healing abilities to improve and maintain good health. It is a gentle therapy that balances the bodies life force that creates harmony within your mind, body, spirit and soul.

Price List

1 Hour Sessions     $85

About Angela Litchfield

Angela is a well rounded person coming from a multicultural background, her father being English and her mother having Indigenous Roots. Ange is native to Kingston ON. but has also lived in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

     Learning the culture for many years Ange has absorbed it into her everyday life. Focusing on aspects of smudging, dancing, singing and learning the language gives her a deeper understanding of who she.

While practicing Energy Healing on her children and friends for years, she now realizes that there is such a need to expand her family. When Ange decided to pursue her Energy Healing as a career she was dedicated to embracing both cultures into each and every healing, honouring the love of all things and respecting everyones journey.

     Ange understands the importance of bringing positive change into this world where many people suffer from emotional, physical, mental and spiritual illness. Ange is utilizing her abilities to help release negative energy that commonly hold us back from reaching our full potential.

    On this journey of healing others Ange walks in a balance lifestyle while creating Enlightenment one person at a time.


“To all the people who have seen the testimonials on Enlightening Healthy Souls but haven’t yet taken the time to make an appointment. I’d really like to tell you about my session with Angela Litchfield because it has been physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally life changing for me. I cannot describe the difference it has made in my everyday life, if I can do anything for you I’m expressing that this is essential for all who are looking for something and not sure what that is.”      S.H

” I had the most amazing experience with you when we met, even though our time was very short. It was as if you were able to heal a very big blockage that I had for a very long time. My mind feels free especially when I am meditating, I was unable to achieve this state of peace without your healing power.”      Kim C.

“I have been blessed to have numerous healing’s from Angela Litchfield, and every time has been amazing. I walk away feeling an immense sense of calm within me, more balanced and grounded”.        K.P